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One-2-One Austin Bar Downtown After Party for Karissa and Mike

They just weren’t done partying yet! And who could blame them? So we decided to tag along to the One-2-One Bar in downtown Austin for the after party. We had a great time catching these candid photographs as everyone unwound after Karissa and Mike’s wedding. Even the weather cooperated!

So, one time Sae Cho and I came across a comment about us on the internet that we found amusing. Someone in a forum told a potential client that we must be new photographers because some of our photos were so grainy. As a rule, we don’t tend to pay attention to criticism online unless it is something we can learn from (and we are all for learning all the time). But that comment gave us a good laugh. FYI, these photos are intentionally black and white and grainy. It’s a definite style choice that we feel fits the ambience. We work very hard to look this amateurish :)