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Lt. Colonel Ben Powers

Yesterday, I had the honor of photographing my brother-in-law at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas for his promotion to Lt. Colonel. The location of his promotion ceremony was in a hanger with an Apache gunship as his backdrop. Now how cool is that!! It was a joyous and proud occasion that I am grateful to have witnessed. Unfortunately during this happy occasion is when the shooting happened on Ft. Hood. Brittany and I were able to leave the army post before the lockdown occured. My sister barely made it out. As she was driving past one of the checkpoints to leave the post, she saw in her rear view mirror the MP’s closing the gate.  Ben, was caught in the lockdown and didn’t make it home until 6 housr later.  We’re grateful he’s safe.  We hope for a speedy recovery for the wounded and our prayers are with the fallen and their families.

Pictures of Lt. Colonel Ben Powers will be up shortly!